The ochre woman

Homo primocreatus (Australopithecus)
Homo primocreatus – Primordial Man – the Ochre Woman from 3.6 million years ago in South Africa

She stood upright one metre or three feet high and could shin up trees no problem.  But her feet and toes were human feet made for walking head held high.

Her cranial capacity was 450 cc meaning her brain was still within the range of ape brains, but bigger than a chimpanzee’s.  When she fixed you with her gaze, however, you saw the glint of a soul that said ‘I know who I am.’

She held a stick as a makeshift tool in her perfect human hand, and showed great dexterity in using it to dig out grubs as food.

The menu was cold buffet and raw meat or fish every day, and fruit for dessert.  Mankind had not as yet mastered fire or done any cooking.  So her teeth were large and her jaws were powerful to grind up tough, raw food, but they were human teeth.

Her wavy hair grew low on her sloping forehead, and her medium tone body and smooth-skinned face glowed as no other animal around her.  They all had fur, but she had hairless skin and this set her apart from them.

Then she heard her name called and turned; it was her partner asking where she was and what she was doing.  She pursed her lips and hid.  She did it deliberately to annoy him.  Then she heard the baby cry and knew she was needed back at camp, so ran back to the trees where they were staying.

Who was this tiny woman?

She was the first human woman who lived in Africa 3.6 million years ago.

The wide-shaped pelvis of this type of man and woman shows that they walked upright, as well as often climbing up trees.  This is the opposite condition to an elongated ape pelvis.  Despite this these fossils were labelled ‘Australopithecus africanus’ meaning ‘southern ape.’  I propose a new classification of the first members of mankind with the label Homo primocreatus – primordial man.

Homo habilis woman 2 million years ago in Africa with a cranial capacity of 700 cc

Fossil skulls have been reconstructed with the faces of apes but here you see a human face looking at you. It comes from the reconstruction of a face based on the dimensions of skulls dating from 2 million years ago. She is clearly one of us.

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