Neanderthal and Homo sapiens welcome you to the blog page, even though Homo sapiens is not having a good day. The reason for changing the labels of these human species is that all members of the genus Homo have been ‘sapiens’ whatever the form of their body so it’s unfair to only call one of them sapiens.

Quest for the historical Adam

Historical Adam?Discussion on the Premier Christian Radio programme Unbelievable on Saturday 14th August 2021. The topic was introduced by Justin Brierley and debated between William Lane Craig and Joshua Swamidass. I support William Lane Craig in principle, though not entirely in details. Yes, Neanderthal was fully human. Yes, he also was a descendant of Adam.I … Continue reading Quest for the historical Adam

Dragon Man from China

Dragon Man’s message to the world is “I got brain”. His name comes from Heilongjiang – Black Dragon River.  This is the name of the province in northern China where the skull was found beside the Songhua River near Harbin. The face of the man whose body this skull belonged to had deep-set eyes below … Continue reading Dragon Man from China

Neolithic Man

The Ice Age ended 10 000 years ago and the Neolithic spread across the globe as farming took the place of hunting. What the Neolithic brought was the cultivation of grain crops that could be stored and traded. Storage of food brought wealth. Surplus allowed people to exercise different trades in exchange for stored food. … Continue reading Neolithic Man

Ice Age Man

It isn’t that cave houses in the Ice Age would be white-washed, or have glass in the windows, or have flag stones or a well like these at Kinver Edge in England. However, the houses of the Upper Palaeolithic Ice Age would have mud-brick walls to close them in and a door to shut against … Continue reading Ice Age Man

Melded Man

Why ‘Melded Man’? All the tribes met at the central point – Europeans moving south towards North Africa, Asians moving west into the Middle East and Africans moving north. They all had something to contribute to the culture and the genetic make-up of Homo aequalis / Homo sapiens – the ‘Melded Man’. These people owned … Continue reading Melded Man

Neanderthal Man

This Neanderthal Man has brown hair and a red beard. He’s feeling grumpy about having to move his tent again. The Neanderthal campsite didn’t look exactly like this, but it was just as boggy. Mammoth hunter and marshland dweller had its advantages and drawbacks. Neanderthal quite often upped his sticks and moved on, taking his … Continue reading Neanderthal Man

Precursor Man

Caves had run out a long time ago and there were many tribes. Some tribes lived on grassland heaths, others in woodlands or in marshlands which they turned into fens. Each had their own type of staple food – in the fens they had reedmace roots, and in the woodland clearings root crops. We were … Continue reading Precursor Man

Fire-maker Man in Europe

The thing with going to a new continent was that all the caves were free, the hunting was there for the taking and the rivers full of fish. You didn’t have trouble with the neighbours or have to fight with other tribes for territory like in the tropics, but it was the weather: rain, wind … Continue reading Fire-maker Man in Europe

Fire-maker Man

Discovery of fire was a game-changer. Fires were lit to drive animals towards hunters waiting with spears. The trees burned down and the good thing about that was that you got regrowth of plants that attracted grazing animals so you could hunt them as well. The landscape was radically changed and you could look out … Continue reading Fire-maker Man


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