Early Man

Homo habilis still living in a tree 2 million years ago

Mrs Homo habilis was still living in a tree, and her ideas about extending the house had become quite aggrandized; ‘out of this world’ you could say. But on a more practical note she was getting really handy at tying knots in vines and using creepers as string. She’d even made a sort of bag out of a net to put things in.

Everyone was really jealous when she said she’d been out gathering and put the stuff in her bag. They said, the next thing you’re going to do is tie that baby onto yourself and they all had a good laugh! She said she knew it was the way forward, so she ignored them and carried on with tying knots.

As she worked with her baby beside her, she started to sing. Her song was about gathering nuts and fruits and insect grubs. At that moment, Mr Homo habilis returned with a fish he’d caught by putting poisoned leaves in the stream. So there was raw fish for tea, to go with the nuts and dates, and she put a grub in the baby’s mouth.

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