Primordial Man

Homo primocreatus: It wasn’t always fun living in a tree when she said she wanted a nicer house with a proper entrance and he couldn’t suss out how to build it

I’m not saying that houses 3 million years ago looked like this, but it could have been the dream in arboreal real estate. The dream just remained a dream because there was no one around who had invented how to do things. So they just made do with what they had – which is mainly just what nature could provide – not that they didn’t talk about it – as in the tree they’d left behind and how good it was, the one they’d found which left a lot to be desired, and a better one they hoped to find next time they moved on.

Life was good if you enjoyed living with nature. There was never any trace of anyone else living in the forest as the trees just grew back however much you made things out of sticks.

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